Operation Spring Clean

Happy First Day of Spring!

Spring is here already… Almost 4 months into the year, I surely expected to do more projects and blogging than I have. This year so far has involved way more television then I’d like to admit, working (which is a good thing) and trying to make things fit.

A few years back my beloved Aunt Jane passed away, she was a collector of ANY and EVERYTHIHNG… recently I’ve made a few trips over to her house to help my cousin sort through papers and stuff. It’s been fun, interesting and emotional… she’s the last from her generation, so it’s like putting closure to that generation.

Being the hoarder that I am I brought home a good amount of her treasures, but now I must make room for them by getting rid of some of the stuff I have here already. Time for OPERATION SPRING CLEAN.

Not only am I Spring Cleaning… it’s going to be Spring Decluttering and Spring Redecorating!

It’s going to take several weeks… possibly months to get this project done, but what better time to start then right now! I don’t have a concrete plan yet… but an idea of where I’m going to start.

Ideally, I’d like to go through the whole apartment and get rid of anything I’m not using, haven’t put on display in a long while and don’t LOVE. I think I can empty out half my closets by following this rule. I have great stuff but I just don’t love it all. I need to set it free and let other’s get their hands on it… (be ready for eBay and Etsy links coming soon).

Today was Day 1 of my project, I went through and tidied up… I also threw out my current dinning room set. Tomorrow I’d like start some boxes… SAVE & SELL… the things I don’t think I can sell are going to the trash. I sorted through a box today and got rid of some things – which if I move fast isn’t hard to do. The mistake I almost made was tossing out what I think might be silver candle holders. I had received them a while ago for free from a junkman I use to know… they’re pretty tarnished. Something told me not to toss them, instead to try to clean them. I ran a bit of toothpaste over a corner and I found some shiny! Then I noticed the label underneath that was labeled by a silver company. I think they’re worth holding on to for now.

I feel almost like my apartment’s a slide puzzle right now. I have to maneuver around until I can get everything in it’s right spot. Right now my dinning room is free with open space, so I’ll have to move some things from my 2nd bedroom into there in order to get pictures of the desk and bed I’m getting rid of so I can put them online for sale. If they don’t sell in a couple of weeks I’m dumping them out. I have some decluttering in the 2nd bedroom to do in order to get the two dressers from my bedroom in, once those are in I’ll moved the pending items in my living room into my bedroom.

The big items I brought from my Aunt Jane’s house were her dinning room table/chairs and what I think was my great grandmother’s dresser and vanity. I’d like to redo my bedroom in a mixed vintage style with touches of modern.

Another big part of this project will be converting my 2nd bedroom (which has become my storage) into my office/workshop. I’m getting rid of the bed in there and moving my dressers in to set my dollhouses on.

Yes, I did say dollhouses… but that’s for another post…

Stay tuned, this Spring’s focus will be all about out with the old and in with the well… old.

Do you have any Spring Cleaning Plans?

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National Cheese Lover’s Day

With all the inauguration talk usually on January 20th… this national food holiday is usually sadly overlooked. January 20th isn’t only the day when we welcome a new POTUS into office, but also it’s a day all Cheese Lover’s UNITE!

So in honor of this special day I’m tried a new-to-me type of cheese – which I’ll tell you about in a bit… but first here’s some fun Cheese Facts for all you Cheesy Lover’s out there…

  • Did you know the average American consumes about 31 pounds of cheese each year?
  • There are over 900 types of cheese…. How many can you name? Me?… Let’s see… there is Ricotta, Feta, Fontina, Gouda, Cheddar, Crème, Blue, Limburger, Brie… and…. that’s all I got for you!
  • No one knows exactly where cheese came from… archaeologist believe it dates back as far a 6000 BC.
  • Not only are there 900 types… there are more than 2000 varieties of cheese worldwide… mozzarella is the world’s favorite and most eaten.
  • Pizza Hut is the largest cheese using fast food company… using approximately 300 million pounds of cheese annually!
  • Cheese production around the world is more than worldwide production of coffee, tobacco, tea and cocoa beans.
  • The first cheese factory was established in Switzerland in 1815. But the first successful mass production started in 1851 here in the United States.
  • Cheese can be made by using a variety of milks including cow, buffalo, goat, horse and even camel!
  • It takes about 10 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of cheese! If it wasn’t for cheese there would be a lot of wasted milk.
  • Cheese is kept for a period of time before its ready to eat. Some varieties of cheese, blue cheese, gorgonzola, and brie are exposed to mold which helps them age properly.
  • Some varieties of cheese like mozzarella, cheddar, Swiss and American help prevent tooth decay. It promotes the flow of saliva which leads to elimination of sugar and acids from the mouth.
  • Another benefit associated with cheese is that it helps protect tooth enamel and has an antibacterial effect. If consumed in moderate quantities it has various health benefits.


 photo MontChere_Garlic__23367_zoom_zps803ut54j.jpg

In effort to unite with the rest of the world’s cheese lovers I tried. Goat Cheese – Garlic & Herbs… it was pretty good. I don’t know I’d buy it again… I like feta cheese because it’s tangy… but this one was a bit too tart for my taste buds, but I did like the strong taste of garlic an herbs.

What’s your favorite kind of cheese?

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2017 Happy Jar

 photo 2017jar_zpsqlnh7zpp.png

2016 was such a roller coaster ride for me. I am determined to have a positive and amazing 2017 and to help me stay focused on the everyday positives, I decided to start a Happy Jar…

It’s a quick and fun thing you can get together in minutes and it’s not too late to start one for 2017.

All you need is:

  • an empty jar
  • something to write with
  • colorful post-its or any scratch paper will do
  • optional jar décor
  • consistency

The idea is to every night before bed write down something or somethings positive that happened that day. You can write more than one per day if you’d like, it’s up to you. I’m going to focus on writing one per day. Then on 12/31/2017 open the jar and read all the positive and amazing things that happened this year.

Here are some ideas of things you can record if you have a hard time coming up with something positive everyday:

  • Surprise gifts
  • Accomplished goals
  • Something you thought was beautiful
  • Something that made you laugh or smile
  • Something memorable
  • A small or big blessing
  • A sign that something you’ve been wanting is on it’s way

If you make one, I’d love to see your jar… tag me on Instagram: LaDulcitaVida

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Making Life A Little Sweeter

A blog’s first post is always hard. Where are you suppose to start? Do you introduce yourself? Do you announce your ideas for the blog? Or do you just jump right in and start with content?

I guess I’ll start here…

 photo 20161124_123830_zpsy1ugijja.jpg
Hi, I’m Rosie. I’ve had several different types of blogs through out the past 20 years and before blogs I kept diaries or journals. My longest running blog was a personal blog where I wrote daily on whatever was happening in my life – both positive and negative.

Recently when I decided to start blogging again I thought it would be fun to write a personal but not too personal blog. Something light, fun and positive – and hopefully inspirational at times. So here we are…

La Dulcita Vida… means “The Sweet Life” in Spanish and that’s exactly my goal – to bring a little sweetness to your life, whether it be through an idea, recipe, a product review/recommendation, knowledge or a positive story.

I’m excited about this project and I hope you are too! I’ll be seeing you soon…

– Rosie

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